Kai Axford is Joining the FBI…

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...for a terrific presentation at Tech-Ed 2007 in Orlando!! That's right...in conjunction with the Dallas FBI CyberCrime Team, I'm going to be conducting a session based on the new Microsoft Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows. Here's the session title and abstract:

SEC312: How'd they find THAT?: Implementing the new Microsoft Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Windows

HR tells you "We think Bob may be storing some illegal files on his machine. We need you to find them." What do you do now? Join us for a unique and interactive presentation as Kai and a special forensics guest star show you the new Investigation Guide. We demonstrate the tools that are discussed in the new manual, and see examples of the more popular forensics tools for Windows. This session is a must-see if you're being asked to run your own internal investigations.

Make no bones about it: This is going to be a terrific session!! We're going to discuss the new Guide and also demonstrate some of the popular SysInternals tools used in digital forensics. We'll also demonstrate some of the more popular 3rd party forensics tools used by law enforcement and internal investigation teams. If you are currently conducting investigations or are considering doing your own investigations, then you do not want to miss this session. The FBI will be there to provide "best practices" when you're conducting your own investigations, as well as discuss some of the things you better do before starting your own investigation.

We'll also be conducting a follow up Interactive Theater session (aka no Powerpoint, only Q&A!!) immediately following the breakout session.

SEC05-TLC: The Fundamental Computer Investigation Guide for Microsoft Windows

If you’re being asked to run—or are currently running—your own internal investigations, this must-attend session is for you! Come speak with the FBI about techniques that you can use during your own internal investigations.

The last session I'll be conducting is one based on the volumes of requests I get from small business owners and the tech support folks who assist them: "How can I protect my small business? I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on security solutions!!"Then you need to be in the audience for my second Interactive Theater session:

SEC07-TLC: Securing the Small Business

They've got little money to spend on security, and big demands. Minimal staff and zero tolerance for disaster. The risks aren't reduced because it's a small business. The risk can actually be greater than for a large network. Join us as we look at the unique challenges small businesses face and show you successful methods to help secure them. Securing the small business doesn't need to cost a lot of money!

I'll also be spending a fair amount of time hanging out with Steve Riley and the rest of the Trustworthy Computing folks at the Security Cabana. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

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