No breaks for the weary! I’m off to London!!

So less than 2 days after returning to Dallas from South America, I jetted off to London, England. I'm here to assist in the delivery of some more Chief Security Officer events with the Microsoft UK office. It took about 10 hours to get here, but I made it. The thing I love about the United Kingdom is they take security very seriously. Yesterday I took a spin over to Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty, The Queen, resides when not hanging out in the stuffy Buckingham Palace. Well, you all know that guns are actually outlawed in the United Kingdom. So this is is a photo of the first guy I ran into there. You know I love me some H&K MP5:

...and then we have the mandatory tourist attraction, Changing of the Guard at Windsor. So yeah, the guns are real and they really are guarding the castle. It's not security theater. Maybe you should consider this for your business?

...these guys have had security built in, since the inception of Windsor in 1033, by some guy named William the Conqueror. đź™‚ 


As always, it's the people I meet that make this job so rewarding. I got the chance to meet Phillip Betteridge, Ed Gibson, David Pollington, Jason Langridge, Stephen Lamb, and Lord Toby Harris, from the House of Lords. I'm still listening to the CSOs discuss and think about security concerns. I'll report back when I can.

Vacation? What?

I know, I know...I'm weak. But I'm here in London, never been here before, and I've wanted to see the Imperial War Museum since I was a little kid (started my passion for military history early). I remember looking in books and seeing photos that all said "Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum". Now I'm going to actually go see it. We may even try to get to Oxford, which is where C.S. Lewis did a large portion of his writing, including a personal favorite of mine "Mere Christianity". Of course, I'll be sure to eat some bangers & mash, fish & chips, and steak and kidney pie. I'm sure I'll see the Tower and the Palace, as well as Harrods' and Bond Street. I still can't convince my wife to buy me a suit form Savile Row, but I'll keep trying.

I'll be taking a much needed "blog break" and I'm even shutting down my email for 1 week. I'm sure my Inbox will explode.

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