Double Standards

It's always funny to me how Microsoft gets treated differently than other software vendors. Sure, we own a large marketshare, and of course, it's always fun to "pile on" the market leader (everyone loves the underdog). But I'm not seeing alot of info or buzz around the launch of RedHat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5. Is that because it launched and immediately included a stack of security vulnerabilities AT LAUNCH!!!! Trust me, I'm not making this stuff up. Check the Redhat site. Here's a screenshot of the update list:

Red Hat RHEL5 Security Advisories - Ship Day

My real concern is WHERE'S THE PUBLIC OUTCRY??!??! WHERE IS THE MEDIA??! Why haven't all the "security experts" addressed this? C'mon Bruce, you should be all over this one. I'm really just amazed at the double standards and what would have happened if we has released Windows Vista with the stack of vulnerabilites.

(Thanks again to Jeff Jones for stirring the pot on this one).

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