So many of you who have actually met me, or seen me speak, know that while I don't have any children....but I do have yellow lab pup named Dixie. Now Dixie is just about 14 months old, and as you can guess, is extremely energetic.. She's also pretty darn smart. She habitually will come over to my desk and use her head to pull my hand off the mouse if I've been working (or playing World of Warcaft) too long. She's a terrific dog.

Unfortunately, just before we left for our trip to London, Dixie was playing in the front yard, and jumped to grab her toy rope. The next thing I heard was a "Pop!" and she came crashing down with a torn ACL. After many x-rays and visits to three vets (including an orthopedic dog doctor....sad, I know) it was determined that she only had a sprain. The treatment: 14 days strict kennel rest. No problem, but we had to leave her with my in-laws. I love both my in-laws. They are God-loving, strong Christians who are also just great people. They are always willing to help out when necessary and my wife and I are extremely grateful. So my father-in-law has been providing me daily "Dixie reports". I've included these here for your enjoyment:

Dixie Report: Day One

Dixie slept in until about 6:45 then Mom took her out while I moved the cage into the day room (Kai edit: Living room). Dixie enjoyed breakfast in her sleeping room before arriving in her day room. Dixie began her day room day with a pigs ear which lasted about five minutes. Dixie alternately enjoys cubes of ice, gnawing on her big chew bone, sleeping on her stomach, eating more ice cubes, gnawing the bone, sleeping on her back, taking a stroll in the back yard, returning to the day room for an ice cube snack and a gnaw or two of the bone and another nap. Of course, Dixie is constantly aware of anything going on around her and will protest in the kindest of ways should it become too quite or she not be able to see what is going on for an extended period of time.

Dixie Report: Day Two

Dixie continues to seem to be pleased with her vacation digs. The cage is a bit small but napping first curled up and then on her back passes the time. We think she is okay because she is able to snore like a British steam-powered freight train, however when she passes gas it certainly doesn't smell like burning coal...more ice cubes and strolls in the yard.  She has also been awarded her second big dog bone as the first one has been generally decimated since you gave it to her.

We have been amazed at one thing. Probably because she comes from a tech family we caught her using the computer. While she seem to be admiring the London pictures you sent we suspect she was actually either looking a doggie porno or was into a dog chat room. We are checking into the facts right now as we may have to place some restrictions on the computer until you return. If she gets caught on this doggie porno thing she may get listed on a predator site and have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. The chat room is a concern too as he may be trying to meet up with some old dog pervert!

Well such are the trials of raising a grand dog. We will just do the best we can...looks like we may need  alot more ice cubes.

Dixie Report: Day Three

Day # 3 began pretty much as Day #2 ended. This time the stroll was out the back door through the garage and out on to the drive way...Mom had run the sprinklers during night. Dixie did not seem to mind he wet grass but her valet did. Dixie is still working on big bone #2 and had another pig's ear after the stroll. Of course ice cubes are usually well received.

We are pleased to report that near the end of Day #2 Dixie delivered the long awaited <Kai edit: ahem....."deposit">. I have spelled DEPOSIT with capital letters on purpose...guess the delay produced the need for quantity. Not that it was all that large but we are having the house foundation checked out today as the whole house is listing to the left a bit seemingly from the extra weight toward the left side of the property.

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