Busy Busy Buenos Aires

Hello Microsoft Argentina!

I arrived in country at about Noon and had a meeting at 1:00 PM. I'm here working with Pablo Anslemo and his security team. Pable only has me for 1.5 days, so he's doing a great job in getting me in front of as many customers as possible. I met with the Buenos Aires CSO Council, ONTI (the Argentine national standards organization, similar to the U.S. NIST org), did a video interview for the Argentine IT Pro team, and a live radio interview on Buenos Aires radio, followed by a fabulous dinner of Argentina beef. It's good. I mean it's really good!! Most importantly I met a lot of really great people including Sr. Juan Jose Dell´acqua, Marina Raimondi, Maria Sol Mangino, and several CSOs and CIOs from the area. Everyone, it was truly a pleasure.

I spent the second day participating in a panel at the big national SegurInfo 2007 conference. I know....another "suit day".


So what are the concerns around security in Argentina? Well, surprisingly enough they have concerns around Sarbanes-Oxley and EU Privacy laws. You would think in South America this wouldn't be a concern, but with the globalization of businesses today, legislature like this affects everyone.

Finally, I just got a link to my magazine interview in Chile. Here's the link. Of course, it won't do you much good unless you speak Spanish. Now I'm unpopular in another language! How nice is that? 🙂

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