Canada: Day 3 – Ottawa

Finally it's warming up. Still very "brisk" here in Ottawa, the capitol city of Canada (It's not Toronto, for those geographically challenged.) I'm in town to speak to some of the federal government folks and ISSA Ottawa, and I'm very excited. While here I'll get the chance to meet the MS Ottawa team, so that's good too. I got the chance to record a "security podcast" for Rick Claus and the Canadian IT Pro Team. Spent some time discussing UAC, Windows Vista Service Hardening and a few other snippets of security wisdom. I hope, once it's posted, you guys find some value in it.

I've actually been to Ottawa before, in 2003 during my big TechNet Security Tour and while here, the Rideau Canal was not frozen enough to skate. However, this time it is...and I just happened to bring along my skates. 7.8 kilometers is a LONG WAY when you haven't skated in awhile. Let me tell was TERRIFIC!!!! I skated at night, illuminated by lamp posts and it was really busy. Hundreds of good Canadians out there enjoying this unique skateway, so it wasn't lonely. Good community fun! 

At the end of the run by Dow's Lake.........I found the best surprise ever.....the mythical "BeaverTails" pastry shop right on the Canal!!! Their specialty "beaver tail" is sugary flour, covered with maple glaze and chocolate.....the perfect end to a long skate. Tin Horton's, Beaver Tails, ice skating, and hockey towns......I may need to consider moving up here. post is Part II of Convincing Your Boss to Move to Vista! I hope everyone appreciated the Canadian diversion for a few days......

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    For the past few years the big news has been global warming. Katrina and all of the other hurricanes

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