Canada: Day 1 – Montreal

Holy crap it's cooooold.

I'm certainly no lightweight when it comes to enduring cold...I'm from Wisconsin, I love the snow and ice, I play ice hockey, and I love to snowboard. I'm the guy who is walking around in a t-shirt when everyone else is wearing a jacket and sweater. I love it. I have to tell you....cold in Montreal is not the same. I'm not sure what's going with their version of cold, but brother, you haven't felt cold until you've been in Montreal in January. (I hear it's worse in Quebec City, my next stop.) But I digress....

Despite the chill, I had a blast in Montreal!! It is a truly fabulous place and the people made the chill slip away quickly. I had the opportunity to present 4 sessions on computer security to the local Microsoft customers and the Montreal IT Pro User Group (MITPRO). We did a session on Identifying Computer Attacks, Vista Security Tidbits, Implementing Security for Wireless Networks, and finally Collaborating Securely within your Enterprise. The sessions were well attended and the audience was very kind, considering my French is not's non-existent. I also had a chance to meet some terrific folks from that organization including Daniel Nerenberg who is the president of MITPRO. If you're not a member and live in need to be. Email Daniel and he can assist.

Of course, not trip to Montreal would be complete without a hockey game. "La ville est hockey" as they say. Mitch Garvis, Paul Johnson, Mathieu Groleau, and Daniel were able to come through with some amazing tickets, so after a quick dinner at Las Cages aus Sport, we were off to see the game...and not just any game.









....this was the game where the Montreal Canadiens retired Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender, Ken Dryden's jersey and I had the chance to witness it!!! (Being a goaltender it was especially just don't see that often). I guess when you put up as many Stanley Cup banners in the rafters as Ken Dryden's only fitting your jersey end up there as well.

I look forward to my next trip to Montreal and a smoked meat from Schwarz's which I missed out on this time. It won't happen again. A guy from Texas can't miss out on any meat-product, as you can imagine. Thanks to everyone in Montreal who made my trip exceptional! Next stop: Quebec City......even colder.

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