Singapore Security Week!

BlogSingaporeI’m headed home after a week in Singapore and what a terrific week it was! I had the opportunity to speak at Security Week and delivered the session on Collaborating Securely within your Enterprise. The crowd of IT Pros seemed to enjoy the demonstrations and discussions around the new line of Forefront for Exchange Server and Forefront for Sharepoint products. They also got a chance to see the new Sharepoint 2007. Thanks for everyone who attended and please ping me if you have any follow-up questions about the session.

That evening I was asked to deliver two “evening user group” sessions on Security in SQL Server 2005 and another entitled Message Security, Compliance and Message Protection with Exchange Server 2007. We had a pretty good draw and we gave away not one, but two full copies of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. The slide decks are going to be posted on the UG sites, so look for them there. (Thanks to Yasmeen and Harish in the MS Singapore office for making these events great ones.)

I did get a good question from Woi Yew, a member of the SQL Server UG. He asked 1) It’s considered a “best practice” to not install Books Online on a SQL Server in production. Is that because there was a vulnerability? To answer Woi Yew’s question, it’s really just tohelp reduce the attack surface. Less services you don’t need = less attacks at those areas. I’m working a question on DAC as we speak. Stay tuned!

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