A week of congratulations!

So this week Patrick Roy, the greatest goaltender in the history of well…..EVER, joins the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Green Bay Packers won against the Minnesota Vikings and Windows Vista goes RTM. Sounds like some congrats are in order.


St. Patrick

Well, I’m first going to start by thanking the guy who essentially got me interested in the sport of ice hockey and the reason I play the position that I do: Patrick Roy. To me, a goaltender is all about security and no one did it better than St. Patrick. I was there when he couldn’t hear Jeremy Roenick trash-talking because of Roy’s “two Cup rings in his ears”. I was there when he made the save in the playoffs and winked at the guy shooting the puck. I was there when he beat the stuffing out of opposing Detroit goaltender Chris Osgood at center ice. I was there when he won the game that broke Terry Sawchuk’s record. I was there for the final game of his career. You are the reason that I (respectfully) wear #33. Congratulations on Hall of Fame career and good luck as coach of the QJMHL Remparts.

Green Bay Packers' quarterback Brett Favre hands off the ball to running back Ahman Green during the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday, Nov. 12, 2006, at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minn. Photo by Dan Powers/Post-Crescent

The Pack Wins!

Brett Favre and the Packers pulled out another one this week and for once they actually did it without me having to seek medical attention. Great job guys! Any win against Minnesota is always a good one.


Windows Vista and Office 2007 go GOLD!!!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Windows Vista and Office 2007 have finally gone RTM (Release to Manufacture). That means it’s baked and is being pressed onto DVDs as we speak. As you can imagine, this have both been huge projects and one that we are extremely proud of. I just wanted to give a shout out to all those developers, test, PMs, etc. who made these products possible. I speak about Windows Vista quite frequently and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The new security features like the new bi-directional firewall, Parental Controls, User Account Controls, IE7 Protected Mode, BitLocker, PatchGuard, etc. are being seen as a huge step in the right direction. Regardless of your personal feelign about Microsoft, ther is no denying that this a good thing for the computing landscape. Brace yourself for the full power of the Microsoft Marketing Engine.

So here’s a question: What do YOU think of the new security features in Windows Vista?

Extra bonus: The Windows Vista Security Guide is RTW!

Curious about all the new settings in Windows Vista? Well then, you need to download a copy of the new Windows Vista Security Guide. Based on the proven formula of the XP Security Guide and the Windows Server 2003 Security Guide, this new guide will not fail to impress.

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