The following takes place on Day 1

Well, this is it, after much prodding from those IT Pros in the audience and my co-workers, I’m finally blogging. The dreaded first blog post. I’m trying very hard not to embarrass myself or get fired. So far so good.

Some of you are probably wondering what the heck took me so long. To be honest, I just didn’t think I’d have time. (I mean, do you realize how hard it is get a decent score in my favorite PC game, Battlefield 2?) With all the frequent traveling I’ve done, and now more planned, I just didn’t think I’d have the time to really do it justice. Then I figured, “Well, maybe I can just do this to get the word out.” So that’s the plan. I do have high aspirations, but let’s just get this thing started. I figure that since I’m in a new role at Microsoft, now would be the perfect time to finally start.

New role? Yes, I’ve just moved from my 5–year role as an IT Professional Evangelist (fancy title for someone who speaks to IT Pros, with a passion for security) on the TechNet Events team….to a role within Microsoft’s esteemed Security Technologies Unit (STU). Sorta like Jack’s Bauer’s CTU without the cool ring tones, or having bad guys infiltrating your organization on every episode, or the world’s absolute best cell phone battery. In this role I’ll get to travel…a lot. I’ll discuss that next time.

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