A trip to New Zealand and my first rugby experience

Well, I’m in Auckland, New Zealand to speak at Microsoft Tech-Ed New Zealand 2006 and I’m excited! It’s much cooler over here, being it’s winter. As you can imagine, it was a really long flight from Dallas. Luckily I had a really nice seat on Quantas and they treated us well. I look forward to flying with them again. The mess that is air travel continues to amaze me. Will removal of all liquids do a lot to prevent security breaches? Bruce Schneier had some great points about what this prevents in his August 15th issue of Crypto-Gram. Does any of this really make us safer? Well, I guess I have to offer a differing opinion. I’m of the mindset that a little less personal freedom for overall security is okay. Yes, I would prefer to bring my water and carry on my toothpaste, but if the other option is becoming a fireball at 38,000 feet…I’ll choose the former. I was a bit concerned that I would have to suffer quietly for the 16+ hour flight…but the airlines were more than helpful. Take it all in stride. It could be worse.

800x600_allblacksOn a happier note, I just so happened to see my first game of rugby here in Auckland. It just so happened I saw it on TV, since getting a ticket to Eden Park to see the New Zealand All Blacks vs the Australia Wallabies in the Tri-Nations Final, was like getting a NFL Super Bowl ticket on game day. Not happening. The Maori haka tradition they perform prior to each game will make you take notice.

It was also my first introduction to the Captain of the All Blacks, Richie McCaw. I stood there in amazement as this guy got upended on a spearing penalty which went unnoticed by the officials (although everyone I was with had no problems seeing it). This guy, although McCaw1bloodied and beat, just kept on playing. Just part of the game. This guy is one tough dude. Anyone who’s heard me on a webcast, knows how much I love Brett Favre and my Green Bay Packers, but if I have to pick a close second, I’m going to have to take Richie McCaw and the New Zealand All Blacks. You want security? Hire Richie McCaw. I wonder if Richie writes secure code. I bet he does.

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  1. Sanx69 says:

    Good presentation at TechEd today, Kai. Are you going to use the same opening at TechEd Australia?

    Oh – and one thing – I don’t really follow American Football, so haven’t heard of Brett Favre, though I at least know who the Packers are. Rugby players don’t wear any body armour. A bit of soft strapping is all the protection they have, other than a mouth guard. I’d love to see some of the American Football tough guys in a rugby game. A Jerry Collins tackle is like being hit by a Mack truck …

  2. Keith Combs says:

    LOL.  Never heard of Brett?  OMG!!!  Maybe we should get Richie to do some Terry Tate style corporate training.

    Nice start on the blog dude.

  3. Matt Hester says:

    Do You believe in miracles…Kai has blog!  and the packers are going to the bowl!  🙂

    Good stuff!

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