Webcast Magic!

Ever wonder what I do when I’m not haggling for an upgrade on some cross-country flight? Well, if you said, “Yeah…you’re reading up and testing all the new security products.” or what most say, “You’re playing that darn World of Warcraft” Well, one would be closer to the truth than the other…(and no…it’s not the…


NEW FEATURE: What are you reading now, Kai?

I get asked this question fairly frequently and I usually do have a security book in my “Currently Reading” stack….along with a fair amount of books on World War II (I’m a big military history buff), books on Christianity (The Bible being the most prominent, but also some books on systematic theology), and of course…


What do you want for Christmas? New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with last minute shopping, snow days, etc. this December….now you have some new e-Discovery procedures to worry about. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), amended in August 2006, went into effect on December 1st, 2006. What Does It Mean To…


Airport Games

Soooo….just got off the 6 hour flight from Changi Airport in Singapore to the Narita Airport in Tokyo. Got about a 4 hour layover, and as my world-traveler team mate, Steve Riley, told me…”Go to the Admiral’s Club, or be bored to tears.” Yippee. I get here and find out that due to weather (icy mix)…


Singapore Security Week!

I’m headed home after a week in Singapore and what a terrific week it was! I had the opportunity to speak at Security Week and delivered the session on Collaborating Securely within your Enterprise. The crowd of IT Pros seemed to enjoy the demonstrations and discussions around the new line of Forefront for Exchange Server…


A week of congratulations!

So this week Patrick Roy, the greatest goaltender in the history of well…..EVER, joins the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Green Bay Packers won against the Minnesota Vikings and Windows Vista goes RTM. Sounds like some congrats are in order.   St. Patrick Well, I’m first going to start by thanking the guy who essentially…


Edmonton does ICE (and snow) right

I’ve just returned from a week long security conference in Edmonton, Alberta known as the ICE Conference and it was terrific. The weather was brisk and I was actually surprised to see snow on the ground. Now as most of you know, I’m a big fan of the ice and snow, hailing from Wisconsin originally….


The Power of Kai: U.S. Bans Vegemite

Okay….you now see the power that I possess! Apparently the U.S. Governement reads my blog and has banned the import of Vegemite. I would also like to add that I would like to see rush hour traffic halted, the mandatory use of debit cards in long checkout lines, and that my beloved Green Bay Packers…


Vegemite is not Dr. Pepper

Well, It’s been over a week since Tech Ed New Zealand and Tech Ed Australia ended, so I’m assuming that I’m still gainfully employed. I did learn that Vegemite is not “apple butter” and should be used sparingly, and that Dr. Pepper, while a huge success here in Texas, is not much celebrated Down Under….


A trip to New Zealand and my first rugby experience

Well, I’m in Auckland, New Zealand to speak at Microsoft Tech-Ed New Zealand 2006 and I’m excited! It’s much cooler over here, being it’s winter. As you can imagine, it was a really long flight from Dallas. Luckily I had a really nice seat on Quantas and they treated us well. I look forward to flying…