Imagine Cup 2012 Vote for your Favorite

  Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. . . We asked students from all over the world to come up with innovative uses of technology that would make the world a better place. They stepped up to the challenge, and the Imagine Cup US 2012 competition was on! Imagine Cup is…


Caveman Triathlon

No this isn’t some new technology….. A short break from Technical stuff.  A little about me personal.  Yes I am a Triathlete.  The “code” to call yourself a Triathlete is that you have to finish a Triathlon every year to continue to call yourself a Triathlete.  I have completed 5 Triathlons.  Caveman on April 22nd…


Kinect for Windows

This is from the Kinect for Windows blog   On January 9th, Steve Ballmer announced at CES that we would be shipping Kinect for Windows on February 1st. I am very pleased to report that today version 1.0 of our SDK and runtime were made available for download, and distribution partners in our twelve…


Cut the Rope on IE9

You didn’t go to CES?  watch this video from CES about how the company that wrote Cut the Rope game how they got it to work on IE9. You can get the game at


Sailing Fun

  Every now and they I like to post something fun and none-technical.  This is a video of my son who is in college sailing on a Club 420, same type boat I sailed in college. I thought he was studying for finals, but I see he recording this recently on our Go Pro camera. …