New Private Cloud System Center 2012 Guide Labs released

Microsoft Private Cloud Guided Labs

Click on a link below to launch an interactive guided lab that will help you evaluate the Microsoft private cloud core capabilities of Infrastructure Management, Service Delivery & Automation, and Application Management.

The following guided labs require Silverlight.

Guided Labs
Provide resources through self-service requests

This demo addresses creating and publishing new requests for cloud capacity resources in a service catalog and requesting new cloud resources with the service request form. (view as .wmv)

Drive consistent service delivery

This demo addresses showing a request being routed to the Virtual Machine Manager administrator for fulfillment, demonstrating integration to drive systems automation, and showing process management for delivery of service. (view as .wmv)

Provision additional cloud infrastructure

This demo addresses performing a bare-metal deployment of a Microsoft Hyper-V host, creating a new logical network and IP pool, and adding a new host to an existing cluster. (view as .wmv)

Delegate cloud resources

This demo addresses creating private cloud resources and creating and modifying a user role. (view as .wmv)

Create consistency through service templates

This demo addresses creating a virtual machine template, adding an application, and creating a service template with Service Designer, a component of Microsoft System Center 2012. (view as .wmv)

Perform a standardized application deployment to test

This demo addresses configuring a service deployment and deploying the service. (view as .wmv)

Stage application resources

This demo addresses using the App Controller component of Microsoft System Center 2012 to manage application resources. (view as .wmv)

Self-service deployment of an application to a production environment

This demo addresses deploying a new application and exploring dynamic, on-demand configuration options. (view as .wmv)

Gain insight and visibility through reporting

This demo addresses accessing reports in Service Manager and creating and sharing reports. (view as .wmv)

Monitor infrastructure

This demo addresses network monitoring and visualization and reporting. (view as .wmv)

Taking corrective actions in the infrastructure

This demo addresses seeing a holistic view of cloud and network health and performing an automated remediation. (view as .wmv)

Reduce time to resolution with application performance monitoring

This demo addresses configuring application performance monitoring, creating a dashboard, and gaining deeper application insight. (view as .wmv)

Deploy an update to service instance

This demo addresses modifying a service template and applying an in-place update. (view as .wmv)

Explore creating dashboards

This demo addresses creating private cloud resources and creating and modifying a user role. (view as .wmv)

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