iPad gets real PC apps, Windows on iPad????

I saw this today, lot’s of Buzz about it, sounds very interesting.


OnLive Desktop. Real PC Apps on iPad.

PC Apps on iPad

Windows® on iPad®. Instant Response. Media-rich.


Need to see redlines in Word? Edit Excel® graphs? Present PowerPoint® animations? Now you can.

Based upon OnLive's instant-action cloud gaming technology, OnLive Desktop delivers a seamless Windows desktop experience, with instant-response multi-touch gestures, together with a full on-screen Windows keyboard and handwriting recognition, enabling complete and convenient viewing and editing of even the most complex documents.

Rich media, such as video, animation, slide transitions and even PC games, never before practical via remote desktop delivery, run fluidly and dynamically with instant-action interactivity. OnLive Desktop makes remote feel local.

How do I get OnLive Desktop for iPad?

The app is free, and will soon be available in the iTunes App store.

Do I need an account?

Yes, create a free OnLive account here, or sign in with your OnLive Game Service email and password.

What Service Plans are Offered?

The OnLive Desktop App is free and OnLive Desktop Standard service is free. Check out all Service Plans here.

What are the minimum network requirements?

iPad or iPad 2 with at least 1 Mbps Internet connection. 1.5-2 Mbps for best results.

Will OnLive Desktop be available for non-iPad platforms?

Absolutely. OnLive Desktop is coming soon for Android™, iPhone, PC, Mac® and monitors and TVs via the OnLive MicroConsole thin client, and on connected TVs.

Where can I get more information or help with a question?

We’re here to help—visit the OnLive Desktop Support site.

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