More Cloud Resources Yung Chou


My Co-worker Yung Chou  has done a bunch of work lately online about Cloud Computing. I thought I would share those resources here with you.


Chou’s Theories of Cloud Computing: The 5-3-2 Principle

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012 as Private Cloud Enabler (5-Part Blog Post Series)

Cloud Computing for IT Pros (6-Part Blog Post Series)

Highly Virtualized Computing vs. Private Cloud

Windows Azure Platform Glossary for IT Pros

Window Azure Fault Domain and Upgrade Domain Explained for IT Pros

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Architecture Explained

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Explained

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.6 User Experience

RDS, VDI, and App-V User Experience

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