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Are you ready for the Cloud? Are you working with a Microsoft Partner?  Do you need a tool that can help you assess where you are and how to get ready for the Cloud?  Well I have the app for you.  This is for both Partners and Customers.

It’s written in Windows Azure to show off how the cloud works.  Here is the link:


Cloud Assessment tool helps the partner and the customer have a structured conversation to build a comprehensive cloud strategy.

The key benefits of Cloud Assessment Tool include:

  • Structures conversation with customers at the right level of engagement
  • Drives sales centric assessments with focus on the strategic imperative at hand
  • Provides customized best-fit platform recommendation from physical to virtual to private cloud and public cloud
  • Helps customers prioritize business goals and workloads


  1. What is Cloud Assessment Tool?

    The Cloud Assessment Tool is a sales assessment methodology that provides a framework to strategize and design your cloud sales engagements.

  2. Who is the target audience?

    Our primary focus is to help partners drive a structured conversation with customers to build a comprehensive cloud strategy. We also encourage customers to use the tool to understand the platform and workload priorities with in the context of their business goals.

  3. Is the tool available for all partners?

    Yes, the tool is freely available and open for all partners. Partner competencies or certification requirements are not needed.

  4. How do I get started? Do I need to register?

    All partners have to register into the system. The registration process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

  5. What is the role of a partner and the customer in this assessment process?

    Partner is the trusted advisor in the assessment process. The tool supports partners in structuring sales conversation with their customers, and helps them fulfill customers’ cloud strategy. In conjunction with the partner, customer can understand and realize a comprehensive road map for their IT Platform strategy across multiple workloads.

  6. How does the assessment process work?

    Once you register through the tool, you can run as many assessments as needed. There are no limitations on the number of customer assessments that you can run. Please review the user guide, and instructions for detailed process.

  7. Do we need to share the data with Microsoft?

    No, you do not need to share or send any data to Microsoft.

  8. When is the best time to use the Cloud Assessment Tool?

    You can use the Cloud Assessment Tool at any time during sales conversation. However, in order to engage the customer better, we recommend using the tool within the Prospect/Qualify and Develop stages of the sales cycle.
    A customer can also run the tool during business transformation process with respect to their platform choices, workload priorities, and goals.

  9. How is Cloud Assessment Tool different from other assessment tools on the market?

    Unlike the other assessment tools on the market, Microsoft Cloud Assessment Tool is a sales assessment tool, not a technical assessment tool. What set it apart are its unique ability to pivot on the customer’s business priorities first and the technology second. The tool allows you to discuss the customer workloads, and then go on to talk about the platform that will work best for the customer, be it physical, virtual, private cloud, or public cloud.

  10. How does the tool work?

    The tool facilitates an open conversation about the customers’ cloud strategy and next steps in their business growth. The tool is based on a survey, with a flexible and simple approach. It enables sales engagements at the right level to formulate customized solution.

  11. What are the main components of the Cloud Assessment Tool?

    The tool has two main components
    • A CIO Conversation assessment, and
    • Five Application Workload-Specific assessments
    The CIO Assessment focuses on high-level company’s strategy, and supports discussions on how the customer achieves that strategy.
    Workload specific assessment focusses on discussion with IT decision makers about a particular workload (Messaging, Collaboration, Unified Communications, CRM, LoB).

  12. How long does it take to run the tool?

    The CIO Conversation simulates high-level strategy discussion, and takes approximately 20 minutes. This generates CIO level strategy output outlining clear next steps. The Application Workload-specific assessments go much deeper, with 30 to 40 structured questions. These assessments solidify the joint strategy customized to suit the business need of the customer on any platform (from physical to virtual to private cloud, and/or public cloud).

  13. Is there a specific order to run these assessments?

    The assessments can be run in any order of your discretion. The CIO conversation assessment helps you in driving situational analysis of customer’s IT & business strategy. The workload assessments are targeted and defined. Depending on the engagement level, you can decide the course of assessment process.

  14. How does Microsoft use customer data?

    Microsoft does not use any specific customer information or individual customer data in any form or fashion. Only aggregated data will be reviewed to understand tool performance, and future development needs. You can input as much or as little information as you choose. In fact, customer name can be a pseudonym.

  15. Is there a contact to reach the Cloud Assessment Team?

    We are happy to receive your feedback. You can contact us at

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