Cloud Expo

I am in sunny California this week at Cloud Expo 2011.  Today I am an attendee, listening to all of the presentations about Cloud.  Man it’s amazing all the companies that have solutions for Private Cloud.  Everyone still defines Cloud differently. One of the CTO panel discussions this afternoon talked about how long the term “Cloud” will be around in IT.  The average response was 5 years.  Interesting, what will be the next big thing after Cloud?

Some interesting observations about this crowd.  It’s crazy, people are using smart phones to take pictures of the slides in sessions, not one or two people, but in one session I saw more than a dozen people take pictures of one slide. Come on people.  Isn’t this content online? or in the cloud?  Uh, my decks are.

The second is the way people are dressed here. Yea it’s a typical nerd/geek 90% male that you always see at a Technical conference. But why so many suits?  I am amazed at how many people have either grey or blue blazers on. What gives?  Is this NYC? Because the press or Venture Capitalist might be here you have to be all dressed up?  It’s just different.

Tomorrow I turn into Presenter mode here. Yep I have the ONLY Microsoft session here.  Or it’s not really a Microsoft session, it’s not a product pitch. But talking about How to prepare for the Hybrid Cloud in general.

So you can’t be here,  hum,   well you are my blog readers so you get it early yep, below are my slides for my presentation tomorrow.  Enjoy.

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