The Cloud on Your Terms Part 6 of 30 What Cloud Goodies can I find in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Yep on a Sunday Matt Hester  gives us part 6 of our 30 part series, yea we are doing every day in November.

In this episode Matt talks about RemoteFX and Dynamic memory.  Yes these are NEW to Hyper-V and came out in and SP1, I know I know, but you will really like them.   RemoteFX allows you to put a nice graphics card in your Server, then clients using things like VDI can have a great graphical Windows 7 Experience.     Dynamic memory allows you to set starting points and max for each of your virtual machines.  Yes it’s possible to “over subscribe” memory now, but your performance will suffer.

Remember we are doing this every day this month today is part 6 of 30!

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