13 IT Myths about the Cloud

Cloud computing represents the next revolution in the way that IT services will be delivered to companies large and small. As an IT professional, you must play a key role as your company make this important transition. This is a career-defining opportunity to add real business value through your strategic and tactical understanding of the cloud’s relationship with organizational goals.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the cloud and what it has to offer. By becoming more knowledgeable, you can help guide others to a better understanding of the next steps to take to enable your organization to reap the benefits of cloud computing. It can provide much more than savings, creating a foundation for new competitive advantages in your customer and partner relationships.

Microsoft Cloud Services created this page to provide you with the resources you’ll need to start your journey to success. You can get started by getting the real facts about the cloud below, or by accessing any of the various resources on the right side of the page. Dig in!.

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1. Job Security 8. Cost Saving
2. IT Role Changes 9. Cloud Types
3. Job Outlook 10. Getting Started with the Cloud
4. Data Control 11. Virtual Machines = Cloud Computing?
5. Integration 12. Security
6. Benefactors of the Cloud 13. Flexibility
7. Private Cloud

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