Smells of a Monday Morning

I got up early this morning and road my bike, I like being outside and getting exercise.  Today’s ride would be along our commuter rail line has a path for about 7 miles near my house, yes as of June we now have rail service all the way to downtown Dallas 35 miles away.  This path is right next to the train.  The smells were amazing.  First was grass, we haven’t had rain in 45 days until Saturday, we got about 1/2 inch, I actually think I smelled the grass growing again.  Rabbits, along the path are many rabbits, they come out to eat the grass next to the tracks/trail.  No wind so I actually smelled one of the rabbits.  The 7:35 train came by, I smelled the diesel of the motors of the train. The track goes along an interstate, so smells of big trucks stuck in Monday Morning traffic.   Then almost to Denton there is a very large industrial bakery.  Today the light winds didn’t blow away the smell, for about 200 yards next to the plant the wonderful morning small of fresh baked, yeast bread filled the air.   As I ride I don’t listen to music, it’s too dangerous, you hear cars and other dangerous things long before you see them.   So for 2 hours( and 20 + miles) I was by myself, no one to talk to, just listening to my thoughts.   I use this time to make to do list for the day. I need to install a notepad on my bike to jot them down.  More than 20 items on the list today(I probably forgot one or 2)  But #20 was to write this blog post.  I know it’s not technical or anything, but sometimes your Monday can be put off on the right foot by stopping, taking the time to smell what a Monday morning smells like.  To also put things into perspective, read this blog post:  it’s a story about a  West Texas football player that got drafted by Pittsburgh to play Pro. He was to play this weekend his first NFL game, but 48 hours before tore his ACL. Read his blogs and be inspired!  Enjoy your week!

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