Where to see John in June 2011

June 1st  DFW Cisco users Group  http://dfw.cisco-users.org/

June 2nd DFW IT Professionals User Group 6PM at Microsoft offices www.dfwitprofessionals.com

June 16th Dallas New Horizons SpecTechular event http://www.spectechular.com/  I will be doing a presentation on Microsoft Cloud and one on Microsoft Office 365.

June 21st  DFW Sharepoint User Group  http://www.dfwsharepoint.com/  at the Microsoft Dallas office. (I am just attending)

June 22nd AITP Dallas monthly meeting http://www.aitpdallas.org/

June 23rd Dallas MSEmploy event at New Horizons Dallas.  This is for people looking for technical jobs. Several companies will be there looking to hire you!  I will be doing presentations on Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud.  http://us.msemploy.com/EventDetail.aspx?eventID=130

June 23rd Dallas Fort Worth Unified Communications Group meeting at the Dallas office http://dfwmsuc.org/default.aspx

June 23rd DFW Small Business Server User Group meeting at the Dallas Office http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dfw-sbs/


You will notice I am not doing as many presentations this month as normal.  It’s the end of the year for us, I need to spend more time on-line activities this month to finish out the year.  Some community things slow down during the summer.

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