Donate that old computer!

Over the last couple of weekends I was doing some spring cleaning. In my home office I found several old computers, monitors, printers, etc.  They were all old personal equipment.  I had no need for them anymore, what do I do with them?  I found Texas Center for the Visually Challenged (TCVC).  I took them the equipment today. They loved it and it will go to a really neat cause!  What are you doing with your old equipment (probably storing it in a closet like I was).


They gave me a flyer that said:


Donate that old computer!

Laptops, printers, and networking equipment too!  We need Monitors.


COMPUTERs for the BLIND.  The Texas Center for the Visually Challenged (TCVC) receives donations of computers and computer parts.  Volunteers will erase your donated hard drive for security before refurbishing it to talk to the blind person.  The refurbished computers are shipped to visually impaired people for free.  This charity has been changing the lives of visually impaired people around the world.

A low vision recipient of one of these refurbished computers receives a text-enlargement program that allows the user to write letters, maintain records of investments, insurance, family history and other pertinent data.

A blind recipient receives a demo version of a screen reader with a voice synthesizer that can read aloud the information on the computer screen.   The software provides the ability to read aloud what is typed and even check for misspellings and correct them.

This year TCVC  has shipped over 450 computers, bringing the total for the last five years to over 4,000.

Texas center for the Visually Challenged is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and provides donors a receipt so that they may obtain a tax deduction.  The contact person is Gill at 214-282-2581.  He has all the information on donations and volunteering.

TCVC is also supported by North Texas PC User Group

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