OK, that’s Developer Talk (I have no clue!)

But it is a fun video staring Brandon Satrom.


In this episode, Javier Lozano, ASP.NET Insider and MVP, joins Brandon Satrom to talk about MVC Turbine. MVC Turbine is a plugin for ASP.NET MVC that has Inversion of Control baked in, along with auto-wires controllers, binders, view engines, http modules, and more, all from within your application. The result: you’re free to worry more about what your application should do, rather than how it should do it. Brandon and Javier take a quick look at MVC Turbine, and how you can start using it today in your ASP.NET MVC Applications.

To learn more about MvcTurbine, visit and Javier’s blog at


Thanks Channel 9!

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