TechNet Event questions from Austin

Last week I had an event in Austin, TX about Cloud computing and transitioning to the cloud from Virtualization.  I couldn’t answer 100% of the questions so here are a few I had to research.


I had a lot of questions about Windows Azure, what does it cost, How do you connect external databases, what about SQL DB above 50Gig, etc.  Did you know we have Azure Office Hours?  Come on in, ask us your questions and will help you any way we can.  No agenda, just questions, help and answers.    Remember go try Azure for yourself at  use my cod TNAZURE to get a 30 day trail without having to provide a credit card.

While we are on azure I also get a couple other related questions, where is that Azure Total Cost of ownership Return on Investment Calculator you mentioned?

look on the right hand side for the calculator.


Also someone asked if they can run Non- .Net apps in Azure, like Java for example. Yes you can even PHP!  How do you ask…. Here is a video and blog post discussing it: How Do I: Run Java Applications in Windows Azure?


Everyone always asked for a copy of my slides from these events, I put them up on a blog post here:

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