TechNet event questions from Houston

At the recent Houston TechNet event on Virtualization to the cloud I had several questions I will attempt to answer a few here:


Office 365  The Exchange feature, will it have Archiving?   I did a little research on and the FAQ doc states that the Enterprise SKU will support Exchange Archiving, the current Beta does NOT support that feature, so I haven’t been able to test it myself yet.


What are the bandwidth requirements for hosting providers?

It’s going to get better!  It has too,  We (MSFT) aren’t an ISP,  part of the definition of cloud computing is your bring High Speed to the game.

We provide the bandwidth at our end.


Office 365  External forwarding of email.  I have done a little research, and so far from what I can tell, this isn’t going to be supported, but again, we are in the Beta period, hopefully by this summer when we release this product we will have a better idea if something like this is going to be supported in the future.

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