April where you can see John Weston in person

April 5th  Baton Rouge, LA  8-12AM TechNet event www.technetevents.com Come hear about Cloud, Office 365, Azure, and Private cloud  PLEASE COME, if we don’t get enough people they will not continue to do events in Baton Rouge…. direct link Tuesday, April 05, 2011  Baton Rouge, LA


April 5th New Orleans, LA AITP dinner meeting I am speaking on Cloud, Office 365 and Windows Phone 7


April 6th DFW Cisco user Group (I hope to attend) http://dfw.cisco-users.org


April 7th Dallas, TX 8-12AM TechNet Event www.technetevents.com Come hear about Cloud, Office 365, Azure and Private Cloud  (Sorry event is SOLD OUT)


April 7th Dallas, TX 6PM www.DFWITPROFESSIONALS.com user group meeting.  I will be attending, also at the Microsoft office, come hear about sharepoint and enjoy some pizza.


April 12th Houston, TX 8-12AM TechNet Event www.technetevents.com Come hear about Cloud, Office 365, Azure and Private Cloud at the West Houston Microsoft Office


April 12th Houston, TX ITT Houston North, I will be speaking to the evening classes about Office 365 and everything Microsoft


April 14th Austin, TX 8-12AM TechNet Event www.technetevents.com Come hear about Cloud, Office 365, Azure and Private Cloud at the new Microsoft offices


April 15th Richardson, TX  University of Texas at Dallas, MIS department industry advisory board I will be presenting on the Cloud. Sorry not open to the public.


April 16th NTPCUG and Linux User Groups, I hope to make these Saturday morning Meetings. www.ntpcug.org


April 19th DFW Sharepoint User Group at Microsoft offices http://www.dfwsharepoint.com/default.aspx  i hope to attend.


April 21st North Texas SQL User Group at Microsoft offices http://northtexas.sqlpass.org/MeetingInfo/tabid/336/Default.aspx  its been forever I hope to attend.


April 26th Tulsa, OK 8-12AM TechNet Event www.technetevents.com Come hear about Cloud, Office 365, Azure and Private Cloud


April 27th Dallas, TX 3PM DFW Unified Communications new group just forming meeting at Polycom, check out group on LinkedIn for info.


April 27th Dallas, TX 6-9PM Dallas AITP(Association of Information Technology Professionals) I will be speaking at the group on Office 365 and we will be broadcasting this event live on the web, for free.  www.aitpdallas.org



WOW, I think by the end of April I will need a vacation?  I hope to see you at least at one of these in-person events.


Agenda for TechNet events this month:

Session 1: Cloud Computing Essentials for IT Pros

75 minutes, 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

Cloud computing is emerging as a promising IT service delivery vehicle. But is the question “To cloud or not to cloud”? For IT professionals and your IT organizations, it is crucial to recognize the opportunities and play a key role in the transformation from existing infrastructure-focused IT into a service-oriented, user-centric, and IT-as-a-Service environment. Are you ready for the challenge to lead and transform your IT organization?

This session will clarify the myths and provide pertinent information on cloud computing from a business and IT professional’s viewpoint. We will review the architectures and examine the service delivery models of cloud computing while stepping through business scenarios and operations of employing public cloud and private cloud.

Session 2: Your Public Cloud: What, Why, and How

60 minutes, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Instead of having to worry about the plumbing, the public cloud gives IT the power to focus on the business, and gives you ability to scale up or down resource capacities based upon business demands. With a pay-just-for-what-you-use business model, IT won’t be wasting money on providing services you once thought you might need but never got around to using.

This session demonstrates employing the public cloud; allowing your information workers to do their jobs while IT is realizing benefits on a daily basis. We will cover topics ranging from the Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service, to our next version of our online services: Office365

Session 3: Your Private Cloud: What, Why, and How

60 minutes, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Cloud computing - with its attributes such as pooled computing resources, automated management, scalability, and on-demand provisioning - is a unique and powerful opportunity to transform enterprise IT from a device-dependent and infrastructure-focused deployment into more of a business-user-centric, service-oriented delivery vehicle. For enterprises, the roadmap of truly dynamic IT-as-a-Service is by means of a common management framework and a private cloud.

This session presents the criteria, examines strategies, and walks through the processes of assessing and constructing your own private cloud, with demonstrations on delivering and managing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in an enterprise setting.

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