Blog O’ February

Wow it's already February,  Ground Hog Day.  A very strange Ground Hog Day here in Texas. it's 12 degrees outside, the kids are home for a second snow day in a row, we have about an inch of ICE on the ground, and now we have rolling blackouts were they turn off the power for 15 minutes every couple hours.

I am looking at the events I will be doing in February and will post them here. I also want  to link my website and this and sites.

I will continue to post on the TechNet site, but will also post articles here.  To kick that off that I will link or cross post all articles in February to both sites.  I figured I could do that daily during February, so here we are kicking that off on February 2nd.  Ground Hog day.

Where will John be in February?

Feb 3rd DFWITPRO User Group Dallas  at the Microsoft office talking about Microsoft futures (assuming the ICE melts and the office opens)
Feb 10th we will be having and workshop for students at the Microsoft office 10-4
Feb 15th DFW Sharepoint UG Dallas
Feb 18th WINFest 2011 San Antonio I will be doing keynote on Cloud computing
Feb 28th MVP Summit in Bellevue, Washington

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