Office 2010

We have a new version of the suite of products coming out this year.  I am currently doing a tour around the Texas and Oklahoma area(  showing off this new product. I have been using it for sometime and sometimes I get to close to it.

Today I was reading Mary-Jo Foley’s article on it. She mentioned the top 10 reasons to upgrade to Office 2010.  She admitted it was hard to put in one blog post just 10 reasons, Office is so many different things to different people.

Here is her blog post:


Do you agree with her?

Have you been evaluating the beta of Office 2010?

When I have done demos the one the audience likes the most is the video editing in Powerpoint, personally the feature that saves me the most time is the "thread compression” in outlook, i get so much email, it makes my life simpler, faster to get thru so much email. (don’t tell anyone, but I use the ‘ignore’ feature all the time now) ask me how it works.

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