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DFW IT Professionals April 1st User Group Meeting

Meeting Topic: Virtualization for Enterprise Environments

Topic Description: What Exactly is a Private Cloud? A Private Cloud, sometimes called an Enterprise Cloud, is simply a dedicated hardware environment (pooled resources) with virtualization layer running on top, allowing you to create and manage multiple virtual servers within a set of physical servers. Since it's a dedicated environment, you—and only you—are living on it.

What are the Benefits of using Virtualization software to create your own Private cloud?

Security: If your data and apps have to be as secure as possible to meet compliance requirements or your own high standards, Private Clouds are ideal. The inherent security that comes with a dedicated, single-tenant environment is a pivotal reason to choose a private cloud.
The Speed and Size to Scale: When it comes to on-demand and unlimited scaling, the Private Cloud has one limitation to consider. The number of VMs you can provision and deploy will be limited by the physical hardware running behind your Cloud. You can of course still add computing power by expanding your configuration. It just won't be as fast and seamless as a public cloud.

Private Clouds, however, are an easy step into the realm of cloud computing so Join us April 1st to learn about The Advantages of Virtualization for Enterprise Environments.

Rackspace will also be raffling an Apple IPod and other swag.

Microsoft's Las Colinas Office
LC1 Building (Right Tower)
7000 State Highway 161, Irving, 75039 TX

Cost: Rackspace is paying for the pizza but please RSVP to help predict the amount of food needed.
RSVP: http://events.linkedin.com/DFW-Pro-April-1st-Meeting-Virtualization/pub/253167

6-6:30: Dinner and Networking
6:30-7:00: Announcements, and Business meeting
7 - 8:30: Presentation and wrap up

Website: www.dfwitprofessionals.com

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