24 hours of PURE



24 hrs ago I purchased a new phone. Yep it’s been almost 2 year since I got a new Windows Mobile phone.  I purchased the HTC ST6356 or “PURE”  under the AT&T brand.

it was $149 after rebate, renewing my contract for 2 year.

No keyboard on this baby, that will take a little getting use to.   So far I love the phone.

When I attached it to my laptop, it asked, do you want to sync, or use the phone as a modem for your laptop, very cool and easy tethering.  i love the Tilt, it auto rotates into landscape when you hold it up.

new reading format for email is great one finger gestures role to the next email, setup to exchange took all of 2 minutes.  i am pretty hard on phones, so we will see how this one holds up. 

what new windows mobile 6.5 phone are you going to purchase?

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