What an amazing day at Microsoft

I am in Seattle, land of the mother-ship. The meeting is TechReady 9, kinda like our internal version of TechEd. Really great technical info.  We can’t talk about what we are seeing, but Wow, what is coming in the future is just amazing, some may be many years away but I am fired up.


And while up here, this morning we announced Yahoo-MS search deal.  My response, finally! It looks to be a good deal for both companies. Read more here on MSNBC         Press release here


I read an article this morning about us confirming we are opening stores. I really like this. We should put them right next door to Apple store.  Read the article


They think it will reach 100 degree here in Seattle today. Most places here don’t have A/C, usually don’t need it.  They warned us the power grid might go down due to over demand of power.  Time to stay in side and head to the next session, while the A/C and power are still on…


What a great day to be at Microsoft…..

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