SQL Data Corruption TechNet Radio interview

My interview with Paul Randal was released today on TechNet Radio!!
January 6, 2009

Data Corruption Survival Techniques

Your database is corrupt, what should you do? Well, it depends. How critical is the data? Do you know what is really wrong with the database? Should you restore or repair? It is all about limiting downtime and data loss when a corruption occurs. In this episode, Paul Randal gives you insight into how to recover from corruption without making things worse.

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Eric Ostrowski

Your Show Host and TechNet Radio Producer

John Weston

IT Pro Evangelist

Paul Randal

Paul S. Randal is the Managing Director of SQLskills.com, which he runs with his wife Kimberly L. Tripp. Paul is a SQL Server MVP and Contributing Editor for TechNet Magazine. He holds a patent (with Microsoft) on consistency checking technology.




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Part two with Kimberly will air next week.

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