Update on Melanoma

It's been a little over a month since I did the 10/31/08 posting on "I am a Survivor".  In November I had 2 rounds of surgery to removed the Melanoma Skin cancer.  Both were 100% successful, and I am happy to report that I am 100% cancer free today!  I will not gross you out with the details of the surgeries, but if you are interested go look up the MOHS surgery process.  I had the MOHS process on my second one.

Well you are probably asking how am I doing.  Very well thanks!  I only had to cancel one in person event in November.  I still did many in person events. Austin, OKC, 3 Day Dallas event, and Las Vegas.  I also took personnal trips to New Orleans(for sailing) and Houston(to see family).

Yes I will wear sunscreen 100% of the time now, and go get checked out every 3 months to make sure it hasn't come back. Do you have a mole that has gotten bigger, changed color or is strange?  Go get it looked at!  This skin cancer stuff isn't something to mess with.  Yes real men(ok computer Geeks too) do go to the dermatologist.

Monday 12/8 I will be in San Antonio and Tuesday 12/9 in Austin to present at the Angelbeat events.  Come check them out at www.angelbeat.com sign up and show up!  They are also having one 12/10 in Houston, my co-worker Matt Hester will be doing that one.

I will be back blogging more.




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