IASA IT Architect Regional Conference in Dallas November 6-7

The IT Architect Regional Conference is the most comprehensive event in Dallas addressing  the pressing needs of IT architects today. Join other practicing architects and enjoy two days of seminars seperated in two tracks addressing the various architecture specialties: 

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Architects and Enterprise Architects
  • Software Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Business and Information Architects
  • Sr. Developers
  • Aspiring Architects
  • Enterprise Architecture:
    Learn efficient strategies for linking your enterprise strategy to implementation, create and articulate sound ROI, prioritize your objectives, inspire employees to share your vision, dive in to governance concepts, and enhance your agile strategies.

    Infrastructure Architecture:
    Create and maintain successful deliverables, position service oriented architecture within a sound enterprise infrastructure, model network, security, information and technical architectures, better utilize your tools to optimize your infrastructure services, and align operations and SLAs to support your project.

    Software Architecture:
    Increase alignment between architecture, business and development, troubleshoot your software architecture, assess architecture and software maturity, drive architecture evolution by effectively selecting next generation technology through a rigorous evaluation process, integrate with dynamic management processes, governance for the successful software architect, and enhance design with realistic software architecture toolsets.

    Fundamentals of Architecture:
    Develop skills needed by every architect based on learning from senior architects around the world, learn effective communication techniques, dive into real strategies for design optimization, communicate ROI and the value of architecture to your stakeholders, explore, build effective teams and learn the fundamentals that provide the backbone of the architect's skill set

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