How Microsoft Can Save Customers Money

How Microsoft Can Save Customers Money

· Deploy virtualization -  Reduce server hardware needs with Windows Server Hyper-V –

· · Lower desktop deployment and management costs by deploying Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and Application Virtualization – Click here for a customer example

· Realize a significant cost reduction for server ownership by improving data center operations management with Microsoft System Center – Click here for a customer example

· Consolidate suppliers and product purchasing through the Core CAL & eCAL offerings

· Deploy the software that is already owned and maximize current IT spend -  Click here to see how one partner has operationalized a program to help customers deploy what they already own

· Reduce travel and communications costs with Microsoft Unified Communications solutions

· Reduce costs and improve security with standardized configurations of Windows desktops, servers and mobile devices that optimize infrastructure – Click here for resources and customer examples

· Using Windows Vista can save energy costs, increase mobility and productivity, and reduce deployment and data protection costs

· Leverage Microsoft Finance to give customers payment flexibility and secure options for financing solutions

· Proper Project and Portfolio Management gives organizations visibility into areas where costs can be eliminated – Click here for a customer example

· Broaden the skill sets by using the Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits like Training Vouchers, Desktop Deployment Planning Services, Home Use Program and eLearning

· Microsoft Online Services can reduce the total cost of ownership in most cases

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    Recently one of our executives sent out a message to Microsoft folks that highlighted some interesting

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