Sunfish Worlds update Texas perspective


As of last night they are 1/2 the way completing this regatta.  6 races in 2 days.

See complete results:

No pictures yet, but they keep promising.

But I thought I would put a Texas perspective on it.  72 competitors from 12 countries, and at least 7 of them are from Texas.  I am not sure I got everyone, but here are the people I know:


After 6 races low point system with 1 throw-out

place    name                       points

1        Paul Foerester              8

2        Greg Gust                    27

48       Collin Weston             220

56       Tony Collins                233

68       Marshall Woodson       299

70       Vic Manning                304

71       Patricia Manning           327


So Collin is currently 3rd "Texan".  In the large sunfish races in Texas, normally winning those are Tony, Marshall, Vic and Patricia, so you can tell the caliber of people in this race!  Two more days of racing.   Paul and Greg are so far head, you can ad their points and it still beats the person in 3 place, but this is a large fleet, you have to do constantly good every race.

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