I (finally) join the HD TV flat panel world


Computer Technology I am bleeding edge. I have to have the latest and greatest. Always trying to try the latest thing.  Television I am not that way.  We have old Tube TV's Just basic cable.  We really don't watch that much television. I would rather be outside enjoying sailing, or pool, or biking, etc.

We broke down and got a Tivo about 2 years ago.  That's been interesting and frustrating at the same time.  My wife hates how slow it is to change channels and when it tries to start recording something you don't want.

Our cable company upgraded their system to all digital  last September, we have had all kinds of issues since then I think they have been out 7 or 8 times to fix things since then.  Don't suggest Dish/Direct TV. Been there done that. Here in Texas, a thunderstorm comes and no Sat dish work.


But on to the new TV.  We had a contest at work. I got Second place, $1500 Best Buy gift card.  We got the card this week, so when I got in town from being gone 2 weeks we went shopping last night.

We got a Panasonic 50 inch 720p Plasma. Our first flat panel. Our first HD.  It is replacing a 10 year old 37 inch tube TV.  We plugged it in last night. Man that's a big TV.  Why plasma over LCD?  We have a wall of windows 20 feet high, right next to this TV. We think Plasma will give better color in that room.

Today the cable guy comes and upgrades our cable box to a new HD cable box.  So we will not really see the power of this TV until this afternoon. More update once we get that going.

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