Retro 70’s laser light show


I have been at a team off-site this week.  At last nights dinner we went to a local museum here in Miami. The entertainment after dinner was a laser light show put to music in the planetarium. Led Zeplin was the music choice of the evening.  This hasn't changed in 25 years. You sit back in chairs that recline listen to cranked up music, and the laser show is in a couple of colors on the curved screen/ceiling of the room.   I remember going to these in the late 70's, The laser was red or Green then. Now they have added yellow and blue.  But same stuff.  This technology/entertainment hasn't advanced much in 20 years.  They still have the thing in the middle of the room that projects light thru a ball with wholes in it to make it look like stars on the ceiling. 

It was really cool in the 70's  I had fun last night.  Most the people didn't like it.  Either they weren't old enough to remember when this was bleeding edge technology or not sure what.  Amazing how computer graphics have changed what is bleed edge video is all about.  What would a laser light show in silver light look like today?


We all held back the urge to hold up lighters as we sang along with the songs.......

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