Has anyone seen my Dog food?

Dog Food?   That's the term we use here at Microsoft for using our own products before we get our customers to. The term "Eating your own Dog food" we use every day.   My Exchange mailbox has been on a Dog Food Server for about 2 years now.  They called server Great Dane.  That's a big dog with a lot of very very large mailboxes it eats a lot of dog food.  Basically we were trying to test the upper limits of what you could do with one Exchange 2007 server.  I can't tell you exact numbers but it's 1000's of users with extremely large mailbox limits.

Today I got the dreaded email "your Mailbox is going to be moved off the Dogfood server"

Yep. They are now moving my mailbox, I will only get 2 Gig of storage :(   It's been a fun ride, times frustrating when they have to patch something or in early builds when we would loose connectivity for a little while.   I guess going back to a server with 5 '9's will be good. I have to have email all the time.


But I will miss being on the leading edge of testing the new versions of Exchange.  

Do you Dog food?

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