Don’t bet against Developers

This week I have been at a DPE team off-site.  DPE is our Developer Platform Evangelist team.  So most people on this team are DE's or Developer Evangelist.  Coders that present.  Monday night we had a poker tournament after the dinner activities.  $20 buy-in so not much at risk, but real money. 13 guys and 1 gal started the night.  Yep jump to the end of the story and you can guess who won.  NOT me.  I did well, we were playing Texas Hold'em.  I played conservatively and patient.  Then I moved to the table with Lindsay.  The tables had become unbalanced since she was knocking out everyone on the table.  First one person, then the group VP, then a guy with Pocket Aces.  How do you loose with pocket aces against a 9 3 off-suit?  When the 9-3 hits a full house when you get the river. 

Anyhow, I hung in there with Lindsay until the final table.  I was 5 over all. I didn't loose to her, but when I went all in for the second time, I had a solid straight, but the only card in the deck that could beat me did, with a higher straight.

It was fun.  Lindsay did beat us all fair and square.  She donated the money to a great cause i-know.

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