Since when is $3.65 a gallon a good price?


I just got back from Seattle. I was up there 10 days. In the Seattle area, gas was still going for around $4.15 to $4.20 a gallon.  The first gas station I saw in Dallas was $3.65  It has been more like $3.85 when I left.  My first re-action is wow that's cheap.  Then I caught myself, yes it's cheaper than Seattle, but come on. That's still expensive.  Then I started to remember back what did gas cost in the past.  Less than $2 a gallon wasn't that long ago, what 2 years maybe.   I would love to see a chart of the last 30 years. Oil price, Gas price per gallon, and then adjust it for inflation.  I remember back in the late 70's Gas was probably 65 cents a gallon we had an energy crisis, gas lines formed, rations at the pump. long long lines, you could only get gas on even or odds, they it went up to $1 a gallon, people said no one would drive at that price, there wouldn't be lines at a $1 a gallon.


Then in High School (1980-82 timeframe) I drove one of those giant Texas trucks called a Dually, the ones with the 4 tires in the back. Big, heavy beast of a truck. I hauled newspapers in it. It got probably 10 mpg.  25 years later pickups don't get much better gas mileage. I remember that truck had 2 20 gallon tanks.  I could fill up for usually under $40.  Sometimes even fill it up and wash it for $40.  Now that truck would cost $160 to fill.


Then I started to thinking about this post.  Blog Post last a long time on the Internet.  Go 20 years out from Now  2028. Will $3.65 seem very cheap?  Will pickup trucks be gone? will we still be driving Gas based cars 20 or 30 years from now? I think the car manufactures are finally feeling pressure to improve gas mileage or get alternative fuel thing finally figured out.  We have the technology, they just need to mass produce it.


I guess the most I have ever paid for Gas in Dallas was $4.29, yes it's nice that it has come down from that.

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  1. Under $4?  Thats nothing.  Go to europe… $8-$12 a gallon depending where you go.  BTW Atlanta is down to 3.79 for regular.  Now i can stop walking and drive to starbucks 🙂

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