The Golden Circle


I am attending a Microsoft Technical training session for internal field sale force.  These are those week long meetings, that usually get ad on meetings added before and after the meeting.  Yep, that's this week, 4 days of pre meetings, followed by a full week of training. 10 Days in Cold Rainy Seattle.

Most of the pre/post meetings are boring and sometimes a waste of time. Well the one we had on Sunday was anything but.  We had a marketing consultant from Columbia University come speak to us. His name is Simon Sinek.  He was amazing.  Most meetings the Microsoft people are on their computers, doing email, surfing the web, blogging, twittering, etc.  No one did this one Sunday. We listened on his every word. 


He has developed a concept of Why do you do what you do. 3 circles Why in the middle circle, then next bigger circle is How, and then the outer circle is What.  We all spend our time telling customers the What or even the How, but not the Why if we start with the Why, the rest just follows.

It's hard to explain on paper, Simon does a much better job.

He also gives out these tokens, go follow the link

You can see him on MSNBC at: HERE

Or his website is here:

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