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It's been 7 years since I have taken one of those Test.  I think the first one I took was  Windows 3.1  It has to be around 1993 or 1994.  Over the years I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 37 or 38 of them. MCSE NT, NT 2000, etc.   During the last 7 years I really haven't had the time, or need to take one.  Well this week has been different to say the least.  Our team is in Seattle for an internal to Microsoft Technical training week long session called TechReady 7, Seven being the 7th one, they do them every 6 months.  I wish I could tell you more about what we are learning this week, but that just isn't allowed.  Our team had a study session at lunch on Tuesday to go try to pass the Windows Vista TS exam 070-620.  So I studied for 3 hours and went in and passed it. One of my co-workers Harold Wong (  passed 6 test in that one day.  No longer do they have the MCSE for Windows Server 2008.  So it's now called MCITP. 5 test unless you take the upgrade, which I can't since I never took Windows 2003 test.

Yesterday I tried an exchange test. No luck there, but most people I have talked to haven't passed that one either. It's full of Powershell commands.  You have to know the correct syntax, go figure.

Today was a new Day. They had test prep training sessions in the morning for the 3 Windows Server 2008 core test for MCITP.   I went and took 70-640, 70-642, and 70-643.  I PASSED all three. So now I have passed 4 test in one week!!!!( Really about 48 hours)  So tomorrow I am going to try to go take the last one I need for MCITP 70-647, but they say the testing center will be full.  We will see if I can get finished tomorrow.

I also want to take the Office Communication Server exam, but we will see.  It's a great rush to take test again. It's been a fun week!


When was the last MCP test you took?  Do you have a lower MCP number than mine? Mine is 36079, they are assigned in order of when you pass your first exam.........  I am old school.

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