John Weston Videos of Windows Server 2008 on the web


I got this email this week (I get hundreds a day so I Just glanced over it), and it was about videos of me being up on the Web.   See I did the Heroes Happen Here Product Launch of Windows Server 2008, SQL 2008 and Visual Studio.  I got to do the launches in 6 cities around the US.  I even did the one in Dallas, my home town.  At the Dallas one there was a film crew taping everything, but I didn't think much about it.  They were from France.  The room I presented in was crazy. Dallas has the huge convention center, that has many rooms and new areas they have added in the last few years. For what ever reason we were put in the Arena, which is a very very (at least 40 years) old Arena. It was for basket ball games.  The total room seats about 7000 people. We had about 1500 come to the HHH launch there.  Even my parents got to come see me present.


So go watch the videos, they are fun and hopefully informational!!  By the way EMEA is our Europe subsidiary.

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