Do you Run MoJave? I do!!


Here at MS we have some great Marketing people.  They came up with this idea around Vista.

They found consumers that didn’t run Vista, said they hated it or knew it was bad. So they showed them a new operating system called "MoJave".  They loved it, wanted it as soon as it came out. They said things like, it’s secure, it’s fast, I love the interface. At the end the told them MoJave was really Vista and it has been available for more than a year!  You should see their  reactions.   Go check out   Watch all the videos.  It’s great.   I hope we run some of these as commercials.


We have way over 100 million people in the world using Vista every day.  I personally love it.  IT runs every PC in my house(OK I have some Windows Server 2008 too).   I have run it as my production machine since early Betas.  This laptop I am writing this from has been on Vista 64 bit Ultimate for the last 6 months with virtually no problems!


A couple of weekends ago I was helping a friend buy a new PC at Best Buy.  We walked in with the mission of buying a DELL we had seen that Best Buy a complete package with Windows Home Premium for $599(you know, printer, 19 inch flat panel, etc).   The sales rep tried to talk us out of it "You know, Dell’s only come with Vista"  I didn’t tell him who I worked for.  I just replied, We want Vista and the Dell.  Maybe Best Buy floor sales reps should watch MoJave Experiment.


Are you ready for MoJave?

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