Algae at the Olympic sailing site

If you know me you know I love sailing. Racing sailing even better. Well the Olympics are less than a month away.  Ya Ya I know sailing is the LEAST watched sport on TV coverage of the Olympics.

China has a big issue with Algae on the sailing venue for the Olympics.  The press has really started picking up on it.  Read this article I found on this morning.  1 million tonnes of Algae and 10,000 soldiers to clean it up is NO little problem!



The State Says...

If the Government of China says it, then we must believe it...
Foul-smelling green algae that has been plaguing China's Olympic sailing venue has been cleared, state media has said, after more than one million tonnes of the sludge was removed.

Authorities had set a Tuesday deadline to clean up the algae bloom in Qingdao, drafting 10,000 soldiers and volunteers and hundreds of fishing boats to help with the mammoth task.

After a month of working to remove the algae, which had hit about one third of the venue, two barriers have now been erected to keep any more algae out, the official Xinhua news agency said late on Tuesday.

"The sailing event, which will be held in more than 20 days, will not be threatened by the algae," Wang Wei, vice president of the sailing committee for the Beijing Olympic organising committee told Xinhua. The barriers are 22 and 20 kilometres long. Read the story.


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