Robbie (Rob) Westover family video


I know most of you that are reading this never meet Robbie (Rob) Westover.  He was not only a peer and co-worker of mine here at Microsoft, he was a very true close friend to me.  Yep and I even hired him at Microsoft more than 5 years ago.

I really wish you could have meet Rob.  He was an amazing person.  In a few short interactions with him you became best friends.  Rob was there when ever you needed help, asking nothing in return.  Rob was always up for adventure, he loved trying new things, and teaching others many things including how to play craps.

What can I do for you?, We live great lives!, How are your kids?, Hey Beautiful!  are all ways Rob would greet you.

See my last post for a video I did. Most of that is from the last 5 years and work pictures I could find, and I put it to the Jimmy Buffett because he and I love that music.

Jamie Westover, Rob's love of his life and wife has graciously sent me a copy of the DVD that Rob's family friends put together for his memorial service.  Jamie wants to make sure everyone has access to the video that couldn't make it to the memorial service.  It is an exceptional video.  I hope you enjoy, and for those of you that had the pleasure of knowing Robbie, I hope it makes the smiling Robbie memory last forever!



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