AT&T lack of Customer Service….. Story continues

See my previous post for what happened to my HTC TILT phone.  Remember I was told I had "a Choice".  Today I drove the 70 miles roundtrip to the other side of Dallas.  This Device center is obviously contracted to AT&T. I go in, no other customers in the place.  Sign in the sign in sheet. They call me up about about 5 minutes. I explain my issue. They want all kinds of info. Even want to see my drivers license. Then they say sit down and wait 10 minutes and take my phone. I assume 10 minutes to fix it or copy info over to another one.  After 10 minutes a new person comes up and ask to talk to me. He starts in explaining I will have to pay $450 if when I fedex in my phone they find it has been wet or damaged in anyway. He wants me to sign that I understand that and agree to it before we go on. Then he says shall we ship you phone to your billing address. WAIT A MINUTE!!!

Yep I drove all the way over for no  reason. They don't fix that model phone here. You have to Fedex it in and they will ship you a replacement one (remember this was choice two). I asked why then did the store send me over here. He says they shouldn't have and he really doesn't care.  Oh and now it's 3:01. I asked if I will have my new phone by tomorrow. He says nope, it's after 3PM. (I got to the place about 2:40) and remember there weren't any other customers there.  So I hope to get a replacement phone in 2 days. And they better like the one I ship them back our I am out $450. I could have done all of this by phone Sunday.

How about my time and Gas money for 70 miles at $3.25 a gallon? (I wonder if I will see this on my blog years from now and think, wow gas was cheap then)

Then I get back home and get an email from them. "Thanks for your order"  and it continued "

We look forward to servicing your wireless needs for a long time to come.




If this is customer service, it will NOT be a long time to come....

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