Time Change Broke my AT&T TILT Phone


"Tilt Off" At&t..   This is my relatively new Tilt phone. I love the Windows Mobile 6 that it has.  Sunday morning it was working just fine. I unplugged it from the charger, read the 4 emails I had. Saw that I got a popup saying the time had been adjusted. I clicked OK. Everything seemed fine..  BUT..... Then I noticed the time had NOT changed.  I opened Outlook and the calendar time was messed up so I said, Time for a reboot.  I turned off the phone. Then turned it back on. See the above picture for what I got.  Now this is all my phone will do.   I took it yesterday(I know on a Sunday) to the local company owned AT&T store. They messed with it for about 20 minutes and couldn't get it to HARD reset.  They gave up. So the Time change adjustment HOSED MY PHONE!

I basically have two choices at this point. Either call the 1-800 number, ship off the phone and wait for a replacement, or take it to the other side of Dallas to their Device support center and have them attempt to fix it or replace it. Like I have time to do that, but at this point I am so dependant on this phone I have too.  Did your phone survive the time change?

I now call it my Primary color HTC 8925 phone!  In general I have had good luck with HTC's I am hard on phones, but come on. A time change kills a phone?

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  1. Dean Gross says:

    John, my wife has this phone and she had a message on it that a time change had occurred but the clock did not change so she did it manually. No other problems occurred for her.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. I have never faced this type of problem. I used SX66 (Blue Angel), then moved to 8125 to 8525 and now Tilt(8925). Like I said before never faced this type of problem. I had to change my 8125 previously before it was dropped in a snow storm and the screen was broken. Luckily I had synched my phone previous night and did not lose much of my contacts and other information I had on that. I hope you also activesync your phone frequently.  Otherwise you will lose all the information you have on that phone.

    One question, did you try to sync your phone after hard reset?



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